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Romantic Comedies That Made Us Believe in High School Love


Ah, high school. For many people, high school means too many tests, stressing about who likes who, and just trying to get to graduation in one piece. Thankfully for anyone who's ever wished high school involved more romance, more fun, and cuter guys and girls, there's Hollywood. These romantic comedies showed us a better version of high school, where romance really was waiting around the corner before finals were over.

She's All That

Artsy loner Laney has better things to do than worry about high school drama and who's taking who to the prom. At least, until high school heartthrob Zack bets his friends that he pick any girl out of the crowd and turn her into a prom queen, no matter how uncool or unpopular she is. Zack sets out to prove he can make Laney over into prom queen material, but will his real feelings come to the fore, and what will Laney say when she realizes she was just a bet? Sweet as candy, this movie will make you believe in high school love, and it features a toe-tapping prom dance sequence to boot.



Grease was made before today's high schoolers were even born, but that doesn't stop it being a classic, if not the classic, of the high school rom com genre. Sandy is the quintessential high school shy girl, trying desperately to fit in with the cooler girls, and get womanizing bad boy Danny to notice her the way he did during those summer ni-iiiights. Sandy's journey from awkward shy girl to leather-clad vixen taught us that anyone can shake their dorky rep and snag the guy of their dreams.


10 Things I Hate About You

Seems Shakespeare was light years ahead of his time. In this light, fun adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, new student Cameron falls head over heels for the popular Bianca. The only snag is Bianca's intellectual, antisocial older sister Kat. When their father tells Bianca that she can only date when Kat is dating, Cameron attempts to match Kat with bad boy Patrick, memorably played by Heath Ledger. Who could forget the serenade scene that sees Patrick employ a megaphone and a large dose of confidence to sing Kat “Can't Take My Eyes Off of You”?


The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Troubled loner Charlie finds high school a challenge in this smart, funny, emotional high school movie. The movie charts Charlie's ups and downs as he learns about love, dating, fitting in, and The Rocky Horror Show. Charlie is smitten from the start with his friend Patrick's beautiful step sister Sam. The two grow closer, but will Charlie be brave enough to tell Sam how he really feels before she leaves for college? This movie shows us that even when it's the last day of school and suitcases are packed for college, it's never too late for love.


High school can be everything from fun and fulfilling to frustrating. These movies made us laugh, sing, bite our nails, throw popcorn at our screens, and believe in high school love.