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Meet With The Board

When we think of movies involving boarding school, our minds tend to jump the highly overdone genre of college comedies. Don't get me wrong, National Lampoons has made some pretty iconic stuff, but at the same time these types of movies have lost quite a bit of their charm over the years. The boarding school setting is actually a pretty good plot device that can make for some great flicks in pretty much every movie category that you can think of, besides just comedy. We all know X-Men, and we all most certainly know Harry Potter, but there are also quite a few gems you may not know that takes place at boarding schools. Here are a few that can make any parent cringe at the thought of what happens to their children when they'are no longer under their supervision and left in the care of others.

St. Trinians

This is a surprisingly a great comedy, for those who're not familiar with the name. At first glance, this looks like a movie that falls into the group of little girl chic flicks, but it's gags often appeals and are aimed at adult audiences. This British comedy depicts the exploits and shenanigans of an all girl's boarding school that can only be described as the bastard-child of the education system that grooms young girls for a future in the mob. These heathen minors run a crime syndicate that includes bootlegging dangerously strong alcohol, escort services and even theft of masterpiece art works. It has a British ensemble cast and cameos including Gemma Arterton, Colin Firth, Russel Brand, Lena Headey and many more. Rupert Everett in drag steals the show by playing the school's headmistress Miss Camilla Fritton, who encourages all of the girls crimes. They also have numerous subtle jokes involving Firth's famous role in Pride and Prejudice that most young people wouldn't get.

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Romantic Comedies That Made Us Believe in High School Love

Ah, high school. For many people, high school means too many tests, stressing about who likes who, and just trying to get to graduation in one piece. Thankfully for anyone who's ever wished high school involved more romance, more fun, and cuter guys and girls, there's Hollywood. These romantic comedies showed us a better version of high school, where romance really was waiting around the corner before finals were over.

She's All That

Artsy loner Laney has better things to do than worry about high school drama and who's taking who to the prom. At least, until high school heartthrob Zack bets his friends that he pick any girl out of the crowd and turn her into a prom queen, no matter how uncool or unpopular she is. Zack sets out to prove he can make Laney over into prom queen material, but will his real feelings come to the fore, and what will Laney say when she realizes she was just a bet? Sweet as candy, this movie will make you believe in high school love, and it features a toe-tapping prom dance sequence to boot.

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